Saturday, September 29, 2012

DIY Fall Decorations- Pressed Leaves

Today has the potential to be a terrible no good very bad day.  It is raining and cool (which I would normally love)...the cool part I adore, the rainy part...not so much.  I had plans to take a walk with the stroller and take Max to play at a near-by park, so obviously those plans are ruined.  Hubby has had to close down the store (he is a manager at Lowe's Hardware for those of you who don't know) or work an overnight shift to get ready for Christmas (yes, retail is insane) for a ton of days in a the getting ready for Christmas thing at work seems to have been a little stressful for him.  We were all a little sad when it was time for him to leave for work today, and we still have three more days of him working late ahead of us before he gets a day off....booooo.

So...instead of letting today be awful, I decided we would make it fun! Today will be full of Fall crafts, watching "It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown," and cooking yummy food (yet to be determined).

Our first crafty item of the day was to frame our leaves we pressed a few days ago! This is another thing off of our Fall bucket list, and I love how it turned out!  AND it was so beyond easy to put together...

I just used a really cheap plain frame that I already had lying around just waiting on something lovely to go in it...

We used leaved that Max and I found in our front yard a few days ago from a redbud tree.  They went on top of the book that says "Clinical Drug Therapy" and all the rest of the books went on top.  That may have been overkill on the amount of weight needed to go on top of them to get them nice and flat, worked. 

I cut out a piece of white cardstock to fit the size of the frame, the a smaller piece of burlap printed scrapbook paper that would go on top of the white paper.

Next, we just laid everything out the way we thought looked best.  I like the leaves hanging over the burlap-printed paper, and Max approved of this layout ;)  Then everything just gets taped into place! Super easy!

I cleaned the glass really good with window cleaner (do not underestimate this step!), let it dry, and then just put it all together in the frame!  We will probably make another one of these once we collect more leaves.  It is a great way to add some Fall decor to your house without getting tacky with it...I couldn't be happier with how it looks, and Max is so proud of his leaves!

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