Friday, September 21, 2012

New Shoes

Max has officially outgrown his favorite shoes...a pair of red converse low tops that he has had since the beginning of March! I'd say that is a pretty good run for a pair of shoes belonging to a boy this age.  Those sweet little shoes are still in great shape and will be passed on to his little brother or sister, and I know they will be well-loved by that little one as well :)

So, Max got new shoes today!  His Nanny Jill ordered them for him (thanks!), and UPS delivered them to our door this afternoon.  This kid LOVES getting packages in the mail and seeing what surprise is inside...too cute.

I had to include some pictures of the shoes themselves...they are too cute not to show off!  Max loves that they have fish on them, and I love the Dr. Seuss theme.

 PS- to any moms...Converse have been great for us!  The rubber toe makes them very durable, and they aren't thick and padded (making them hard for little feet to run and play and all that stuff) like a lot of sneakers are.  Max loves them...if we let him pick his shoes, which we do pretty often, he always picks them.  There's my two cents :)

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