Thursday, September 27, 2012


I think I am going to try to blog about some of the things on our Fall "bucket list"...for one thing so it will give me some incentive to make sure I actually do those things, and for another thing, it is just a really great way to record our memories!
One of the things on our bucket list was to take more pictures.  I constantly struggle with this one! I always forget my camera, so I take pictures on my phone. And phone pictures just are not good enough! I have been doing better about it lately though...

These are just from the last couple of days...we are having so much fun soaking in the cooler weather and everything that goes with it!

Max loves to "help" in the kitchen

All I can seem to capture anymore is his running around! Busy boy...

Fall mornings in the back yard are the best!
So proud that he can do it himself now :)

Another thing that is on our list of things to do for Fall is to collect and press pretty leaves.  We picked up a few on this particular morning and Max was so excited about them! I know he is going to love this season :)
Running to show Daddy the leaf he found!
Still trying to get to Daddy to show off that leaf!

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