Wednesday, September 5, 2012

14 weeks

-How far along? 14 weeks
-Maternity clothes? Pretty much the same as the past week, of course. I am definitely growing, and there is an item of clothing a week or so that I can't wear anymore.
-Cravings? any kind of potato, Chipotle burritos, orange juice, lima beans.
-Food aversions? This week I really haven't had any! That is something to be thankful for :)
-How do you feel? Still feeling great! My only complaint this week is that I have been getting tension headaches about every night, but apparently that is completely normal.
-Gender prediction? Unsure right now, but still thinking maybe girl?
-Anything interesting? I am a few days late posting this because I decided to wait until my checkup today to post. Everything went great! I heard our little one's heartbeat again (154bpm) and scheduled our ultrasound.  On October 3rd we will be finding out if we will be having a boy or girl, and we will of course find out if everything is going well with this pregnancy. Please be praying for us about this...I am pretty anxious and nervous about this appointment just because of the weird stuff we had going on during my pregnancy with Max. I also have to have blood work done in two weeks to screen for things like spina bifida and Down's Syndrome.  I can't believe how quickly this pregnancy is going by so far! 

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