Wednesday, September 19, 2012

A sense of non-urgency???

When we were preparing to switch from "just the two of us" into family mode two years ago (was that really two years ago?!?!?!) when we were expecting Max, Nick and I both felt a sense of urgency.  So much to do, so little time to do it!  Within a week of finding out we were expecting, I had already decided where we would be registering.  And we HAD to register within a week of finding out if we would be having a boy or a girl, of course. I was panicking in December (Max was due on April 6th) when we still didn't have a crib. We had first and middle names picked out and agreed upon by the time I was 14 weeks pregnant, and I had already researched and decided upon almost everything that we would need as far as baby gear went.  The nursery was completely planned out very early on, and we started changing things around the house to make it more baby and company friendly within a few weeks as well!

I have come to the realization a few days ago that with the littlest Brown on the way, I don't feel that way at all this time.  We sort of have names picked out right now, but we aren't telling anyone...and I have been researching slings, but only because I ran across one that I loved on Pinterest.  It is kind of a nice feeling!

That "stuff" just isn't what is important right now.  Instead I am just enjoying every moment that we have with Max as an only child, loving being pregnant, and feeling like everything is going to be fine!  I have had people ask if we are planning to move, since we live in a tiny house with 2 bedrooms and 743 square feet, but no, we are not.  We have everything we need! Max's bedroom will be shared with the baby after the baby moves out of our bedroom.  Yes, his room is tiny, but with the right furniture and a little help from IKEA it will be perfect for the two of them!  We have a washer and dryer in this house (which we did not have when Max was born), and we love our house...size doesn't matter!

Another thing is, we already have all the baby gear we need for the most part, so I really haven't thought about that much at all.  It's nice...we already have a car seat, crib, cosleeper, and a wonderful carrier, plus all the little things babies need that start to add up the first time around.  We don't use swings or pack and plays, or any of the things that most people always think are completely necessary and take up a ton of room (which is one reason why a small house will work for us).  I seriously know of people who have moved or bought different furniture because their swing, pack and play, bouncer, play mat...(you get the picture) won't fit in their living room, but that is just not for our family :)

Max will get a big boy bed in a few months, and if this baby is a girl she will need some clothes. I am sure there are other things we will need, and lots of things I feel like I need to do later on, but for now I just feel so relaxed about all of that, and it is a great feeling!  Let's get real here, people.  Babies just don't need that much, and pregnancy lasts 40 weeks.

The only way I can describe it is...a sense of "non-urgency"...if that word even exists!

So, we will get around to getting ready for Baby Brown number two, but in the mean time I am just soaking up all these sweet moments, watching my family grow and change, and just not worrying about getting all that done. How nice!

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