Monday, September 24, 2012

17 weeks

How far along? 17 weeks!
-Maternity clothes? I feel like the amount of non-maternity clothes that still fit is getting smaller every day.  I am still trying to make things work as much as possible, (let's face it...maternity clothes are both overpriced and usually unattractive), but I see some maternity shopping happening in the near future.  I HAVE to get some basics...tanks for layering, t-shirts...
-Cravings? nothing major this week...but I have been eating a lot!
-Food aversions? Still just the meat thing...oh well.  I have been trying to get protein in as many other ways as I can think of and trying to stay away from meat as much as possible.
-How do you feel? Today I am feeling especially wonderful! Maybe it's because Fall is finally here? But it's probably because Max slept late this morning (until 10!) and I have energy like I haven't had in weeks :)
-Gender prediction? No idea...I am just going to stop trying to predict it!  Everyone else in the world swears it's a girl...we will see pretty soon if you all are right or not!
-Anything interesting? 9 days until our ultrasound, y'all. That's right. Just 9 days! I am excited and anxious and nervous, of course.  Please continue praying for us about that...we just pray that everything will be okay, and we can't wait to know if our sweet new babe is a boy or a girl!

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