Saturday, March 26, 2011

My Sweet Sweet Husband

I just have to say...I am the luckiest gal in the world, just because of my husband (not to mention all the other countless ways I am blessed)

He is going to be the most wonderful father, and I am so very thankful that I get to call him my sweetie.

Husbands/fathers don't really get a lot of credit for the whole pregnancy is all about the mama. In some ways I can agree with how that works...we (women) have to sacrifice a lot to have a baby. I personally have gained almost 40 pounds, I can only wear about 3 pairs of shoes that I own because my feet are so fat, and I have had multiple people tell me in the last week that I look exhausted (so very kind of them). And lets not forget about the birth itself, breastfeeding, all the changes in diet that you are expected to follow through with during pregnancy, lack of sleep...I could go on for days. Really.

But lets not forget about our loving husbands. They are responsible for a lot, too, if you think about it, and I think they actually deserve some credit. At least my amazing husband does, and I hope the rest of you ladies are at least half as lucky as I am in the husband department. Nick has done so much for me while I have been pregnant.

He has provided for me like you wouldn't believe. I don't have a "real" job, and he is just fine with that. He works his butt off so that we can have everything we need and then some. We also have a wonderful understanding about my eating habits, and he is very supportive of them. Even though he jokes that I eat away his paycheck, he encourages me to eat as much as I want to and makes sure that both Max and I are completely satisfied 100% of the time in the food department. He has fixed doors so they will close, repaired the kitchen sink, hung a million shelves and hooks and picture frames, put together countless pieces of furniture, and even reorganized the pantry. Funny thing is, I haven't had to ask him more than once to do any of that. He is happy to do those things for our "family."

Probably the most important thing that Nick has done during this pregnancy is be a huge emotional support for me. I am an emotional person by nature. And I will be honest, it can occasionally get out of hand. So lets just go ahead and add being pregnant on top of that natural emotionalism and what do you get? Emotional basket case. Seriously. I can't stand myself most of the time, and it amazes me how patient he is with me. Sometimes I don't realize how irrational I am being until after my sob-fest is over (you know...20 minutes to an hour later), and then I also realize how wonderful he is for putting up with my craziness. I am so thankful that he is such a supportive husband and understands me like he does. I have LOVED being pregnant, but it has definitely been an emotional time for me as well. I have cried over everything from a spilled cup of orange juice to Ikea not having the crib in stock the day we wanted to buy it to absolutely nothing...depends on the day. But each and every time Nick has made me feel better, and best of all has not criticized me, not even once, for being so emotional. He gets me, pregnant and not pregnant. And I am so very thankful for that.

I love you, sweet husband, and I can't wait for us to become a family of our own :)

Just for fun, this is the oldest picture I could find of us, at least on my computer. I think I was 15 or 16 and Nick was 18...

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

One week...

...and YES I am counting! :)

It is still a little unreal to me that in just a week I will be going to the hospital to have a baby. Obviously, not a bad sort of unreal, but unreal nonetheless.

We have been preparing for this for months...thinking about babies constantly, getting our house ready, getting our cars ready, registering, having baby showers, doing research about labor and delivery, preparing myself mentally for motherhood (as much as is possible) and going to a million doctor appointments, etc. It's a little strange that after months and months of preparing we are finally on the home stretch, and Max will be here in just a few short days.

I am a little overwhelmed with emotions! The hormones, I am sure, are not helping much. I am excited to become a mother, but scared that I will not be as good at is as I hoped. I am anxious about giving birth and nervous about being in the hospital. I am happy and ecstatic about holding my sweet boy in my arms. But most of all I am overjoyed that "Nick and I" are becoming "Nick, Max and I"...a FAMILY.

Family is and always has been one of the most important things in life to me. I have ALWAYS wanted children. I was never that teenager who was gagging at the thought of being a mother and swore I would never have children. I have always valued being a parent, and have always known that it would be the most important role I would ever take on. Even when Nick and I were dating as teenagers, it was extremely important to me that I did not continue to date a boy who didn't eventually want children (much later on in life at that point).

This is a dream come true for both of us, and I cannot wait to see what our lives will be like with our new addition!

Friday, March 18, 2011

Induction date is set!

I woke up this morning feeling wonderful! I slept well for the first time in ages, the sun was beaming in the windows, it's Friday, Nick doesn't have to work late tonight, I have the whole weekend off with my Nick, baby shower and seeing family tomorrow, Ikea get the picture! NOTHING was going to be able to ruin my good mood! Then I checked the mail and it only got better :)

I got a letter in the mail today from Women's Hospital to schedule my induction! It is set for Tuesday, March 29th at 7:30pm...and yes, you read that correctly. We have to be there at 7:30 AT NIGHT (actually we are supposed to be there by 7:15, but once again, you get the picture). We are so excited! I really thought that it would be at least Wednesday or Thursday of that week at least, but I am happy about it being Tuesday. I moved my last day of work up (again!) to the 25th so that I will have Saturday, Sunday and Monday all off to prepare for Max's arrival.

Even though it is still possible that I could go into labor before my induction date, it is actually nice to have a date set for induction. This way we can plan ahead! Making sure everything is ready for his arrival, making sure family is available to help out where we need it, much easier this way!

AND here is the picture from this week that I promised :) Yes, I am huge...haha. 37 weeks 2 days...

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Playing the waiting game

Yesterday was my weekly doctor appointment, and we had an ultrasound to check on my amniotic fluid levels, too. Last week Dr. Taavon told me that depending on fluid levels this week that I may be induced as soon as next week (around the 23rd at 38 weeks pregnant). When we had our ultrasound yesterday, we found out that my fluid levels have remained stable and that I will be induced at around 39 weeks!

Dr. Taavon basically said that he would "keep me on the monitor" for next week (which I am assuming means ANYTHING could happen- I could kick myself for not clarifying!) and that someone from his office would be calling me to schedule a birthday, probably by next Friday.

So at this point we are just playing the waiting game! We know that unless Max comes along by himself that he will be making his big debut sometime in the last week of March, so that actually helps us plan ahead a little bit for his arrival. He is now past the 37 weeks mark, so he is technically full term, meaning he could really come along any day! I had to change my last day of work before Max's arrival (originally scheduled for March 31st) to March 26th, and Nick was able to give Lowe's a heads up that he would likely be out for a week starting close to the end of March. He is the department manager of the Garden Center at one of the busiest Lowe's stores in North Carolina, so needless to say this time of the year is sort of crazy for him!

In the mean time, we still have plenty to do to keep us busy! This weekend we have another baby shower in Wilkes, and we are going to Ikea on Sunday to get a few things that we would like to have before we have a baby in the house. Not to mention keeping the house clean (easier said than done when you are a nit-picky and humongous pregnant woman) and a few other random projects that I know...if we do not get them finished before Max is here they will probably never get finished!

I will try to take a belly picture later on today and post it...some of you have been asking! :)

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Nursery updates!

Oh what a beautiful day it is today :) The windows in our house are all open and I am cleaning away! may be my last day off work that I don't have something else going on before Max arrives (depending on what they tell us at the doctor Wednesday, of course). So needless to say I feel like I have no choice but to get a ton of things accomplished today. I am off work next weekend, but we will be in Wilkes for another baby shower on Saturday, and we are planning a trip to IKEA on Sunday to get a rug for Max's room.

I decided to take a short break from my preparations to post a little update on the are some pictures of it for your enjoyment!

The moose on the wall is from IKEA...anyone who knows my husband very well knows that he has a small obsession with moose. This one doubles as decoration and hooks to hang various things on! The rocking chair is one of my favorite things in the room. Also from IKEA, my parents gave this to us as a shower gift...I sit in it all the time and daydream about our sweet baby boy :)

The art on this wall was made by Max's Aunt Chelsea and her friend Stephanie...inspired by "Where the Wild Things Are." We love it!

Changing table area, all ready to go!

I am not posting pictures of the crib are Aunt Leslie and Nanny got us the bedding (Thank you so much!) but it is not here yet, and I haven't hung the letters on the wall above his bed yet.

Not too much longer til this room will be occupied :)

Thursday, March 10, 2011

HOW much longer???

So...Wednesday was my weekly doctor appointment, and I thought I would update any of you who actually read this blog.

I asked Dr. Taavon what his thoughts were about when Max would be making his appearance, and I wanted a straight answer. He has sort of gone back and forth throughout my entire pregnancy about whether or not I would be induced prior to my due date, and after last week's appointment I was really curious about what he was thinking.

His answer? Still not too sure. This coming Wednesday when we have another ultrasound we will talk about a specific date to induce labor, unless of course I happen to go into labor on mu own before that date, depending on my fluid levels and Max's growth (and I understand completely...Dr. Taavon is a great doctor, and I know that he can't predict everything). What he did say is that we should plan on welcoming Max into the world before my due date, probably around 38-39 weeks. He said it is likely that I WILL be having a baby in March, and he said he would not be surprised if it was closer to 38 weeks (I will be 38 weeks on March 23rd). He is considered full-term as of this coming Wednesday at 37 weeks, and Dr. Taavon says it is fine for him to be born anytime after no worries!!!

So I went to the doctor Wednesday morning thinking we had 4 weeks left, and came home from the doctor knowing that Max may be here in 2 weeks! If that won't light a fire underneath you I don't know what will! Needless to say, Nick and I have been busting our butts over the last 2 days trying to get everything spotless and perfect for the arrival of our little one and the company that is sure to come along with him!

We are excited, but a little stressed too. Please keep us ALL in your prayers...that our stress levels will be minimal and that everything will go smoothly Wednesday :)

Thursday, March 3, 2011

35 Week Appointment and Such :)

Just 5 more weeks!

Nick and I went to the doctor today for another ultrasound and some other routine sort of things. The ultrasound went great! Max is weighing in at about 5lbs 8oz, which is actually on the low side of babies at his gestational age. That little bit of information surprised us a teeny bit since before now he has measured so big, but he is healthy and adorable, so everything is good!

This is the ultrasound 4D picture that we got today...but of course it is just a picture of a picture that was taken with my phone. I will get it scanned and add it on here as soon as I can so you can see what a good picture it is! The umbilical cord is in front of his mouth, but you can see most of the rest of his sweet little face :) I am already in love with his chubby little cheeks!

Dr. Taavon went over the plan with us for Max's delivery today...all the information about what has to happen before we page him and when we should go to the hospital, etc. It sort of seemed as though he expects to be inducing me at around 39 weeks, but that we are just going to wait and see how things go for the time being. We really thought today would be the last ultrasound we would have before Max is born, but Dr. Taavon wants to do one more in 2 weeks to check my amniotic fluid levels and just make sure everything is still okay...

SINCE going to the doctor just this morning I have developed a fever...ick. I have had what seems to be a sinus infection all week, and this afternoon I started feeling particularly disgusting. I checked my temperature and it was 101.2! The nurse's advice was to take Tylenol, rest, don't go to work (which may kill me...I really hate not going to work when I am scheduled), and call them if my fever doesn't come down or if anything gets worse. Being sick and pregnant is no fun at all...normally if I get a fever with a sinus infection I don't worry, and I just see it as my body trying to get rid of the infection (I get sinus infections at least 4 times a year probably, so I am sort of used to it). Since Max is also involved, I have to worry about the fever a lot more. The nurse assured me that as long as my fever doesn't get extremely high or last a really long time that it wouldn't harm him in the least, but she also wanted to make sure I realize that I need to take care of myself and REST (easier said than done...I am absolutely itching to get this house ready for Max!). Just say a little prayer for me that this gets over with REALLY quickly! ;)