Thursday, March 3, 2011

35 Week Appointment and Such :)

Just 5 more weeks!

Nick and I went to the doctor today for another ultrasound and some other routine sort of things. The ultrasound went great! Max is weighing in at about 5lbs 8oz, which is actually on the low side of babies at his gestational age. That little bit of information surprised us a teeny bit since before now he has measured so big, but he is healthy and adorable, so everything is good!

This is the ultrasound 4D picture that we got today...but of course it is just a picture of a picture that was taken with my phone. I will get it scanned and add it on here as soon as I can so you can see what a good picture it is! The umbilical cord is in front of his mouth, but you can see most of the rest of his sweet little face :) I am already in love with his chubby little cheeks!

Dr. Taavon went over the plan with us for Max's delivery today...all the information about what has to happen before we page him and when we should go to the hospital, etc. It sort of seemed as though he expects to be inducing me at around 39 weeks, but that we are just going to wait and see how things go for the time being. We really thought today would be the last ultrasound we would have before Max is born, but Dr. Taavon wants to do one more in 2 weeks to check my amniotic fluid levels and just make sure everything is still okay...

SINCE going to the doctor just this morning I have developed a fever...ick. I have had what seems to be a sinus infection all week, and this afternoon I started feeling particularly disgusting. I checked my temperature and it was 101.2! The nurse's advice was to take Tylenol, rest, don't go to work (which may kill me...I really hate not going to work when I am scheduled), and call them if my fever doesn't come down or if anything gets worse. Being sick and pregnant is no fun at all...normally if I get a fever with a sinus infection I don't worry, and I just see it as my body trying to get rid of the infection (I get sinus infections at least 4 times a year probably, so I am sort of used to it). Since Max is also involved, I have to worry about the fever a lot more. The nurse assured me that as long as my fever doesn't get extremely high or last a really long time that it wouldn't harm him in the least, but she also wanted to make sure I realize that I need to take care of myself and REST (easier said than done...I am absolutely itching to get this house ready for Max!). Just say a little prayer for me that this gets over with REALLY quickly! ;)

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