Thursday, March 10, 2011

HOW much longer???

So...Wednesday was my weekly doctor appointment, and I thought I would update any of you who actually read this blog.

I asked Dr. Taavon what his thoughts were about when Max would be making his appearance, and I wanted a straight answer. He has sort of gone back and forth throughout my entire pregnancy about whether or not I would be induced prior to my due date, and after last week's appointment I was really curious about what he was thinking.

His answer? Still not too sure. This coming Wednesday when we have another ultrasound we will talk about a specific date to induce labor, unless of course I happen to go into labor on mu own before that date, depending on my fluid levels and Max's growth (and I understand completely...Dr. Taavon is a great doctor, and I know that he can't predict everything). What he did say is that we should plan on welcoming Max into the world before my due date, probably around 38-39 weeks. He said it is likely that I WILL be having a baby in March, and he said he would not be surprised if it was closer to 38 weeks (I will be 38 weeks on March 23rd). He is considered full-term as of this coming Wednesday at 37 weeks, and Dr. Taavon says it is fine for him to be born anytime after no worries!!!

So I went to the doctor Wednesday morning thinking we had 4 weeks left, and came home from the doctor knowing that Max may be here in 2 weeks! If that won't light a fire underneath you I don't know what will! Needless to say, Nick and I have been busting our butts over the last 2 days trying to get everything spotless and perfect for the arrival of our little one and the company that is sure to come along with him!

We are excited, but a little stressed too. Please keep us ALL in your prayers...that our stress levels will be minimal and that everything will go smoothly Wednesday :)

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