Thursday, February 24, 2011

Max and I hit the 34 week mark yesterday! You know what that means...only 6 more weeks until his due date! :) <---yes, my countdown is probably going to start driving you crazy. Get over it...haha! We are excited, and we should be ;)

I had yet another doctor appointment this morning, and will have one every week until he arrives from here on out. The first thing Dr. Taavon said to me when he walked in the room was "so, are you ready for the home stretch?!" Holy cow, he's right. Max's arrival is sooo soon in the scheme of things. Granted, at the moment I am sort of inbetween feeling like it will never get here and feeling like he is sure to come before everything could possibly be ready for him! Dr. Taavon also told me that it still looks like I am "trying to grow a big one," but next week I have another ultrasound so we will see just how Max is measuring up.

This weekend is sure to be awesome! Our first baby shower is Saturday...for my side of the family, and I can't wait. I know it sounds bad to be so excited about a party that is just for giving gifts basically, but I am a huge sucker for baby stuff, and it makes it seem real- that we really are having a sweet little boy in a few weeks!

The other awesome thing about this weekend is that I get to see all of my wonderful family! Since Nick has to work (and I forbid him from taking a vacation day for a shower...I would rather him save those for when Max is actually here!) I will be riding back to Wilkes with my brother! I haven't seen him or Chelsea, his girlfriend, since pretty close after Christmas, I believe, and I can't wait to see them and spend time with them. The scary part? The next time I see them they will likely have a nephew! (Yes, Chelsea= Aunt Chelsea in our book...she is practically family!)

Life is getting so exciting...I love it!

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