Thursday, March 17, 2011

Playing the waiting game

Yesterday was my weekly doctor appointment, and we had an ultrasound to check on my amniotic fluid levels, too. Last week Dr. Taavon told me that depending on fluid levels this week that I may be induced as soon as next week (around the 23rd at 38 weeks pregnant). When we had our ultrasound yesterday, we found out that my fluid levels have remained stable and that I will be induced at around 39 weeks!

Dr. Taavon basically said that he would "keep me on the monitor" for next week (which I am assuming means ANYTHING could happen- I could kick myself for not clarifying!) and that someone from his office would be calling me to schedule a birthday, probably by next Friday.

So at this point we are just playing the waiting game! We know that unless Max comes along by himself that he will be making his big debut sometime in the last week of March, so that actually helps us plan ahead a little bit for his arrival. He is now past the 37 weeks mark, so he is technically full term, meaning he could really come along any day! I had to change my last day of work before Max's arrival (originally scheduled for March 31st) to March 26th, and Nick was able to give Lowe's a heads up that he would likely be out for a week starting close to the end of March. He is the department manager of the Garden Center at one of the busiest Lowe's stores in North Carolina, so needless to say this time of the year is sort of crazy for him!

In the mean time, we still have plenty to do to keep us busy! This weekend we have another baby shower in Wilkes, and we are going to Ikea on Sunday to get a few things that we would like to have before we have a baby in the house. Not to mention keeping the house clean (easier said than done when you are a nit-picky and humongous pregnant woman) and a few other random projects that I know...if we do not get them finished before Max is here they will probably never get finished!

I will try to take a belly picture later on today and post it...some of you have been asking! :)

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