Tuesday, February 22, 2011

A Note About Nesting

I have always heard about nesting from other pregnant women...but honestly never knew how crazy it could get until I experienced myself!

I remember in particular when a pregnant friend posted in her Facebook status about how much cleaning she had done on that day...and thought "wow...that is a lot to do in one day"...my nesting has affected me a little differently though (I guess it is just like all those other pregnancy symptoms...everyone experiences it a little differently).

For the past couple of weeks I have only thought of two things: Max and cleaning. Literally...I woke up extremely early one day and as I was laying in bed trying to go back to sleep all I could think about was how I really should be getting up and going to scrub our kitchen floors. I eventually talked myself out of this, but it was not easy. And for me, the cleaning bit hasn't been for me to do a million things in one day (dishes, mopping, vacuuming, dusting, organizing, etc.)...

Instead of tackling a million tasks in one day, I have instead been feeling the need to do everything very meticulously. Today, for example, I started washing dishes at 10am (that is the normal part). After that was over, I decided to vacuum the couch with the hose of our vacuum cleaner to get the cat hair off of it. THAT turned into taking all the cushions off, including the big one that you sit on, vacuuming each one, and steam cleaning the entire thing. THEN I slid the couch out of the way (it slides very easily...no worries! No heavy lifting for this momma!), vacuumed underneath it, cleaned the legs of the couch which are made of wood, and mopped the floor underneath the couch with a sponge on all fours. Let's just say our couch is definitely clean now.

This is how it is every day for me...it is all about the little things for me I guess. It might be interesting to see how in the world I will get everything done by March 1st- the deadline I set for us to have everything spic and span and completely ready for Baby Max's arrival!

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