Thursday, November 1, 2012

Happy Halloween!

I had no idea how much fun Halloween was going to be with Max this year!  Halloween has never exactly been my favorite holiday, but I have always enjoyed and/or politely endured it, depending on the year.  If for no other reason...simply because after Halloween is over my favorite month(s) begin! 

My husband, however, loves Halloween.  And all other holidays for that matter!  He insists that we decorate and celebrate and enjoy every second of it.  I actually really appreciate his helps me to get the most out of a holiday that would normally get put on my back burner.  If you asked him about it, he would probably say its another one of those things with us that is sort of like "the olive theory" (for those of you who watch "How I Met Your Mother"). 

This year was wonderful!  We decorated the house a few weeks ago...nothing crazy, but certainly cute...and of course dressed Max up and took him trick-or-treating last night.  We all had a blast! I love seeing Max experience new things.  It is definitely one of the many perks of being a parent.  

We originally planned that Max would be Batman for Halloween, but it turned out to be much colder than expected, and we opted for a farmer costume instead so he could stay warm.

on our way to go trick-or-treating in Aunt Gretta's neighborhood
he got a treat bag from Aunt Gretta! complete with buddy fruits!
already liking Halloween
he wasn't really sure about trick-or-treating at first
trick-or-treating at Aunt Gretta's
so excited to have a bucket full of candy!
Max definitely wracked up. His pumpkin bucket was full!
by the time we got home he was completely tuckered out, and almost slept through me changing his clothes!

**ps...some of the pictures are from my camera and some are from my phone, so excuse the mix of quality!

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