Tuesday, November 13, 2012

24 weeks and counting!

I'm opting out of answering those sam old dumb questions that we all already know the answers to, probably from here on out. I just wanted to post a picture, and let y'all know that everything is still going great!

I am still just loving being pregnant and enjoying every moment. If you follow me on twitter or Instagram (username allynbrown), you have probably seen me post various things with the hash tag #pregnantladyproblems but this is all just for fun and games. I just think it's interesting to point out all the random things that you have to deal with when you are pregnant! Things like stains on the belly part of your shirt, "cankles," taking 5 minutes to get up off the floor...I find it all a little amusing this time around!

This week has been fun...starting to feel especially huge, but in a good way. There have been hardly any people at all (that I don't know) that have mentioned the fact that I am expecting. It's sort of a relief (I hated being constantly questioned when I was pregnant with Max), but it's also sort of odd to me that nobody says anything. Other than feeling ginormous and craving raw vegetables and Greek yogurt, this week has been wonderfully normal!

I remember how much fun it was to be pregnant during the holidays...my favorite time of the year! Max and I are leaving tomorrow to spend a week at my parents for Thanksgiving, and I will probably eat way too much good food while we are gone and gain too much weight. Again. Regardless, I am so very excited to be spending some time with my family over the next week. I hope you all have a spectacular Thanksgiving!

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