Thursday, November 1, 2012

Fall Zoo Trip

Oh, how we love the zoo!  The NC Zoo in Asheboro is pretty close to us, so we have a membership and go fairly often.  Max loves the animals, but Nick and I might love seeing them just as much :) We love to take day trips and have a "family fun day" exploring and learning.  Our last trip was a couple of weekends ago (yes, I am super behind on blogging. oops).  This was something that was on our Fall Bucket List.  If you have never been to the zoo in the Fall, you definitely should! The animals are usually much more active when it isn't so hot outside, not to mention that it is more comfortable to be walking around outside when it isn't 100 degrees!
learning about elephants...Max is showing Daddy its eyes!
these two are my world...

Max loves riding the tram back to the car at the end of the day
tram fun :)

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