Thursday, February 2, 2012

just an update

Holy cow. Is it really possible that my son is 10 months (and 3 days) old???

Max is working on his fifth and sixth teeth, and is SO close to standing without holding onto anything. I feel like the second he masters standing he will probably just take off running.

He loves the swing, if you can't tell :) We have been going for a run to the park when the weather is major perk of living in a big town. There are lots of neighborhood parks, and one happens to be walking distance from our house. I couldn't help but post these sweet pictures!

We were looking into buying a house, and even went last weekend to look at one we thought we really loved. BUT it ended up needing more work than what we wanted to do, so we decided not to go that route. We are thinking about staying where we are a little longer, saving money, and eventually buying a great fixer-upper that we can turn into the perfect home for our family.  Everything will happen in God's perfect timing, and we are pretty happy where we are for the time being!  No more living out of boxes in case we do move though...we are going to make this our home until we have a new home.

My "learning to cook" bit is going splendidly! I am behind on posting, but I have several recipes that I have tried and need to post. Soon. Promise. I even made homemade oatmeal cream pies tonight (no, I'm not kidding, and yes, they are delicious)!

Oh, and I just have to newest obsession? The Temperance Brennan books by Kathy Reichs.  Nick and Max gave me a Nook for Christmas, and I have really gotten into this series. We are already obsessed with the Fox show, "Bones," and these books are what the show is based off of. They are fantastic. You should read them.

Well, enough with my rambling.  Sorry if you were expecting a more interesting post ;) At least there were stinking cute pictures of our sweet little man!

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