Thursday, December 29, 2011

A note about baby food: Mac and Cheese!

I am a HUGE advocate of homemade baby food! Max has only had a few store bought baby food items: apples and chicken, sweet potatoes and chicken (I don't have the equipment to blend the chicken up enough for him to eat), oatmeal, and yogurt. He occasionally has apple sauce from the store, but it's the same kind I eat at this point.

Let me just tell you...we figured out that making your own baby food is EXTREMELY cost effective! It costs about a third of what store bought baby food costs, and it is so extremely easy!

The basic rules? Cook (in whatever way you will lose the least amount of nutrients- usually baking or steaming), add a bit of water or breast milk, and blend! We put it in ice trays and freeze for later, then just pop them out when we are ready to use them. At this point, we occasionally add some seasonings and are trying to add more variety by mixing different things together, etc.

Our newest venture? Mac and cheese! I simply took a little bit of spaghetti noodles (leftover from last night's dinner), put some butter and a little cheese on top, and microwaved it all for a few seconds. Then I just put it all in the blender with a splash of water and puréed it until it was the right consistency. Max. Loved. It. And it was so simple and easy to make! Please, moms, do not let me catch you buying store bought baby mac and cheese for your little ones!

As we are getting a bit more adventurous with Max's diet I will be filling you in a little more about how we do things over here :)

Here are a few pictures of my sweet boy enjoying his dinner!

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