Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Learning how to cook

So, since I am now a stay at home mom, at least for a little while longer...and that is my "job"...I have decided I need to get better at it :) And that means that I need to learn to cook.

For those of you who may not know me very well, I am a terrible cook. I have actually improved a little bit over the last few months- at one point, while I was still pregnant with Max, I was attempting to make spaghetti for dinner and the noodles were all sticking together, and not cooking properly as a result. I remember crying and telling Nick, "I can't even make noodles!" Well, I have come a LONG way since then :) I even made breakfast (including homemade gravy) for 6 people on Christmas Eve.

However, I still feel like I have no idea how to make a decent meal for my family on a daily basis. And that definitely has to change.

Tucker an Chelsea (my brother and his lovely wife-to-be) gave me an apron for Christmas that I completely adore (Anthropolgie...what's not to love?!?!) and it has inspired me, somehow, to be fearless in the kitchen!

I'm going to set goals for myself to make two new things- one dinner type item and one baked item- each week, for a while anyway. AND I'm going to tell all of you about those adventures in the kitchen so I will actually stick to it :) All of this will be starting next week, because we have way too much going on before then. I am so excited to get started...wish me luck!

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