Wednesday, November 24, 2010

"Did that really just happen?"

I have been feeling Max move for a few weeks now, but recently his movements became a little more distinctive. Sunday night Nick and I were on our way home from dinner and I REALLY had to pee (which didn't surprise either of bladder has been on overdrive for a while now). The interesting part about it? I could feel Max either kicking or punching or elbowing my bladder. And it was definite. Before that the movements felt more like butterflies in my stomach or gas bubbles and half the time I really wasn't even sure if I was feel Max or if it really was my gut. However, THIS was definite baby movement :) Although it left me feeling uncomfortable and longing desperately for a toilet, it also made me feel like the happiest momma in the world for that moment.

Well, last night we reached yet another milestone...and I know that all you experienced moms are probably thinking "you are crazy...there is no way that happened at 21 weeks" but I am telling you, IT DID. Nick was in the shower late last night and I was sitting quietly admiring our Christmas tree that we had just finished putting up. And...I felt Max kick or move or whatever you want to call it. But it felt different this time. I put my hands on the spot I had felt it, and YOU COULD FEEL IT FROM THE OUTSIDE. Again, I did not believe it. I thought I was feeling my pulse or a weird gas bubble. But then I realized that there was no pattern to the movement I was feeling, and also realized it was definitely not a gas bubble. IT WAS MY BABY.

I have desperately longed for this moment for a while now. I have wanted to be able to share the joy of feeling our little tiny baby move with my husband since before I had even felt those first little flutters. So I freaked out a say the least. I was yelling for Nick and saying he had to come there NOW and he thought something was wrong. Of course by the time he got out of the shower and had come into the living room sneaky little Max had quit kicking around. BUT I am sure that sometime in the very near future I will be seeing the look on Nick's face when he first feels those movements. Of course now that Nick is at work Max is having a little party in there :) I have never felt more joyous in my entire life. I'm sure that many more moments will outweigh this one in the future, but the love that I feel for Max and our little family is currently enormous and I am so happy and thankful. I already love being a mother :)

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