Monday, October 11, 2010

getting ready for baby

When we found out about Baby Brown being on the way, we started analyzing our house. What do we need to change? What do we need to get rid of? What do we need to add? etc etc....and surprisingly there is a pretty long list. There are the usual safety concerns that come with having a child in the house, not to mention the huge list of things we have been meaning to get around to fixing or doing or adding for what seems like centuries. Yesterday, we tackled the living room! I have been cleaning out closets and junk drawers of stuff that just never found its place for a few weeks now (I am a freak about organization, so this definitely took some time!) and yesterday we rearranged furniture. We also replaced an old lamp that had seen better days, and added a rug. In my opinion, the rug is definitely necessary with a baby in the house!

This is the "semi-finished" product...some of the furniture still needs to be painted and some of the walls are a little bare for my liking, but it is 100% better already!

Much more to come, be sure of that! This is just the very first step :)

Have a lovely Monday!

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