Thursday, October 7, 2010

14 Weeks/Doctor Appointment Updates!

I NEVER thought the day would come when I actually look forward to going to the doctor! But when it means you get to hear your baby's heartbeat and get that reassurance that everything is okay, I guess it is only natural to LOVE going to the doctor! :)

I was extremely nervous about going to the doctor this morning. So nervous, in fact, that while I was sitting in the waiting room to be called back I really could have vomited (and no, I am not developing a late case of morning sickness!). I hate the feeling of not really knowing what is going on, and at this stage in my pregnancy the only reassurance that I have that everything is going well is my growing mid-section and my occasional OB naturally, this bothers me. I can't wait until I can feel the baby moving so that I can know that things are okay! Also, Nick did not go with me to the doctor today...he offered, but I decided since it was just an in and out thing that I could be a "big girl" and go alone. Probably did not help with my nervousness!

We got lots of good news at the doctor today! :) First of all, I heard the heartbeat again! 155 (which is normal) and still going strong! The nurse actually had a hard time getting the heartbeat to stay on the Doppler for very long because our little one is already very active apparently, and the pressure on my stomach from the Doppler sort of startled him/her...or at least that's what the nurse said...I have read that if you "poke" your stomach even early in pregnancy it causes the baby to move around. Then Dr. Taavon came in to see me, talk to me and answer questions, and measure my stomach. Turns out I have only gained 2lbs so far, which is awesome!

The next time I go back will be in 2 weeks for blood work to detect birth defects, and of course hear our little one's heartbeat again!

I am so blissfully happy :) It is amazing how much you can love a child before they even enter the world! Life is wonderful, and we are so blessed!

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