Thursday, December 27, 2012

30 weeks

Christmas is over, our house is a disaster area, and there are only 10 weeks or less until Drew joins our family. I knew this would happen...I have been extremely calm and not at all worried about everything we need to do. Up until now.

I knew that Christmas would go by quickly, and that as soon as it was over I would have a sense of urgency about getting it all done. I'm still not freaking out, and hopefully I won't ever get to that point, but I do feel like there is a lot to do and not a lot of time to do it in.

I think it's really important to stay as far away from stress as possible during pregnancy, especially towards the end. This is part of that whole "attachment patenting" philosophy that I definitely believe in. If my due date was tomorrow, I know everything would be fine. We have everything we NEED, and everything is ready in a way. So...I'm continuing to not stress out about it. The only list I have made is of things that HAVE to be done. I'm keeping the rest in my head, because I know writing it down will make it worse!

Drew is continuing to grow, and so am I, of course! My next appointment is in a week. I have to have my platelets re-checked because the last time they were checked they were abnormally low. If they don't come up on their own I will have to be on a steroid regimen for the remainder of this pregnancy, and I may even have to see a hematologist. The reason platelets can become a problem is that they have to be above a certain level in order to receive an epidural during labor/delivery. Please be praying that my platelets will have come up on their own by next week! I would rather not have to go through all the steroid treatments if it can be avoided. But of course I am thankful that treatment exists and that I really don't have much to worry about!

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas! We sure did...I will be posting about ours soon!

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