Monday, October 15, 2012

Halfway to Baby Drew!

I can't believe I am halfway through this pregnancy already! It is flying by. A dear friend of mine called me earlier today and we were talking about what life will be like for me with TWO boys, and now that is all I can think about. I love it so much! Drew strapped into the carrier most of the time while I continue my mommy duties with Max- playing outside, hunting for bugs, playing with cars, reading, cooking. Watching my husband fall in love with another sweet baby (while I fall even more in love with the man whose hand I get to hold for forever). I imagine Max's second birthday party...whih will be Drew's first family birthday party experience! Then later on...watching them play baseball and cheering them on from the bleachers...oh, I could go on for days! I know so many people were hoping we would have a girl this time around, (and I might like to add a sister to the bunch later on down the road), but honestly, being a mom of boys suits me. I love it so much already. We are blessed beyond measure, and I know this is going to be perfection.

How far along? 20 weeks
-Maternity clothes? Yep. Almost none of my regular clothes fit. I bought a few new maternity things at Old Navy yesterday, but they had almost nothing in my size. It was a pretty frustrating shopping experience. I hate maternity clothes, y'all.
-Cravings? All I can think about today is strawberry shortcake. Haha...
-Food aversions? Still meat, of course.
-How do you feel? Today I feel tired and disgusting. Mainly because I have a sinus infection and can't take any medication for it at all. Pregnancy-wise? I feel fantastic :)
-Anything interesting? Baby Drew has been quite active lately and I am feeling more movement every day! I love this part. I feel like it won't be too much longer until we will be able to feel him moving from the outside...maybe a few more weeks. I remember feeling that for the first time with Max, and I think I was somewhere around 23 weeks. I can't wait to see what Max does when he feels his little brother moving for the first time! Oh, and the belly button is officially "out," which is much earlier than last time. So strange how different things can be between pregnancies!

So...back to pajamas and snuggling up with my sweet boys (trying to feel better so I can get on with my life!)...hope you all have the best Monday!!

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  1. I know how you feel! When we have another baby I would love a second boy. Of course I will love any child that comes into our family, but I can see myself with a bunch of boys!