Tuesday, August 28, 2012

13 weeks

-How far along? 13 weeks
-Maternity clothes? Maternity jeans, still MOST of my regular shirts, leggings (new favorite), and starting into wearing some maternity shirts as well.
-Cravings? any kind of potato, Chipotle burritos.
-Food aversions? Meat...and I don't really expect this to change. When I was pregnant with Max I had to force myself to eat meat in order to get enough protein to keep me from being hungry all the time, and it lasted the entire pregnancy and then some!
-How do you feel? Aside from being hungry all the time (which can get annoying), I feel fantastic!
-Gender prediction? Still leaning towards girl!
-Anything interesting? I am almost positive that I have already felt this sweet little love moving! I know, you aren't supposed to be able to feel baby move until you are 16-20 weeks (maybe a little earlier for second time moms...because you know what to expect), but I swear I have been feeling movement since Sunday afternoon. I only notice it when I am being super still and quiet, but it is an amazing feeling, nonetheless.

I just can't believe how amazing it feels to be a mom already, AND be expecting another little one.  I think it is partially because I know now how incredible it is to be a mom and to experience the type of love you have for your children.  We are already so in love with you, sweet baby. And Max is so funny...I know he doesn't understand much about this whole thing, but his new favorite word is "baby" and he loves rubbing my belly.  It is a little bit scary, and also very exciting, to think about having 2 kids under the age of 2 (even if it will only be for about a month), but I just feel so blessed and I know that this is what God wants for our family.  Please be praying for us all throughout this pregnancy...I still have a lot of anxiety about all things related to baby number 2, but I am trying really hard to just let go and let God take care of it...and I really want to be able to just soak up all these moments and just love being pregnant. 

As my sister-in-law, Chelsea, says- I'm "a giant" :)

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