Monday, August 20, 2012

12 weeks

-How far along? 12 weeks
-Maternity clothes? Maternity jeans, still my regular shirts (some are feeling a little short) and a couple of maternity tank tops.
-Cravings? Still obsessed with orange juice. Cake, veggies of any kind (especially Lima beans and potatoes). Weird...I never really had many cravings with Max!
-Food aversions? Meat, especially if I have to cook it. Anything really greasy, or really unhealthy (like fast food and convenience food at home...excluding sweets)....still pretty much the same from last week.
-How do you feel? Pretty good! I still have to make sure I eat before I am really hungry, but I have been feeling really great in the past week :) still tired, but that's to be expected with a toddler running around AND being 12 weeks pregnant!
-Gender prediction? Ok, so now I'm beginning to agree with the "girl" feeling that everyone else has. With Max, I never told anyone, but I KNEW he was going to be a boy before we ever found out. I could be totally wrong, and I'd truly be happy either way, but I do feel like this baby is all "sugar and spice and everything nice."
-Anything interesting? Not really :) I have been trying to drink way more water and be healthier in general, which is a bit of a challenge for me. I have completely cut out caffeine since knowing we were expecting, but I am addicted to decaf sweet tea. My new goal is to drink 96 oz of water a day (which is not a random water bottle of choice is 24oz and my doctor says I need close to 100oz of water/liquid a day, so, I will fill it and drink it 4 times), as well as trying to go walking every day now that it's finally starting to cool off in the evenings. I am determined that this time around I will be as healthy as possible so I can feel good for as long as possible!

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